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How does stress affect health - Stress reducers

I am sure you know the saying: “mens sana in corpore sano”. A healthy mind in a healthy body. If you try to reduce stress by means of various methods like relaxation, meditation, organizing your desk, attending time management seminars and many other ways to cope with your stress, it would be wise to look at your body first.

fresh fruit as stress reducers Are you doing health supporting things before other stress reducers? Like exercising, eating healthy food, avoiding too much alkohol and coffee, cigarettes and other poisonous stuff?
However, it is sometimes difficult to do healthy things regularly. One time saving possibility to do your body a favour is, to consume nutritional supplements and vitamins.

But, did you ever search the web for such products? You waste even more time to find the right and best products. If you have found some brands looking persuasive, how can you be sure, you have found a really top product, free from pesticides, full of all the ingredients they promise and  produced environmentally sustainable?

In my own investigantions concerning healthy nutrition I bought a lot of ebooks, read endless reports and studies about nutrition, until at last I found a publication from the “Nutrition Nerd” Nick Pineault. His ebook series “Truth about Protein, Fat & Carbs” and “Truth about Supplements” became my favorite source for stress reducers on the “body side”.

Among the hundreds and maybe thousends of supplements, Nick only recommends two brands. Of course you have to decide, if these are your choice too. A little help and good arguments for these supplements you will find here. (With the permission of Nick Pineault).
The one I recommend as a strong stress reducer, if taken reguarly, is
Bio Trust, because it covers a full range of supplements, that are able to support the foundation of a healthy body, that is much better prepared to cope with stressful situations. However, do not forget to visit your practitioner, if you already suffer from certain ailment. Supplements do not replace your doctor!

This is one more „meta time management“ contribution, possibly saving you a lot of time, when searching for supplements that should help you to become tougher in your stressful job.

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