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Fixing dates in your weekly planner

Time management activities - Acting on tasklist - Fixing dates in your weekly planner - How to organize files

Extensively describing how to use a weekly planner is dispensable.

Nevertheless, the action itself all the more is important.

Materialize dates

As with the tasklist immediately note your dates. You avoid troubles by forgetting and missing dates, costing you much time.

Dates for planner - tasks for tasklist

Try to avoid as much as possible to note any tasks into your planner, if you are using a separate tasklist. You violate the advice to use a minimum of spots, where you put information of one category. (Task, date, file)

Use your week planner for dates, events and all that has been given a certain known point in time only.

Recommended format

You normally should have one column for one day, divided into half hourly lines. Date and week number and small monthly calendars for the current and next month in one corner are quite comfortable.

Therefore, you only have room for very limited notes. However, if you need more information that you cannot place within the planner you may outplace detailed information into your filing system.

Where to file depends on situation. From the name of the date alone you will already know. (Ex. 9:00 meet customer X, you probably will have a file named X, containing all related information you need).

On the first pages of a planner, a year overview of the current and next year is helpful too for quick fixing of short to medium term dates.

There are no limits to additional creativity and specialities, but the above mentioned points normally suffice for efficient work.

Electronic solutions

Where portability is not required there exist a lot of software solutions for desktop computers (see electronic tools).

PDAs as portable electronic solutions fill the gap between paper and stationary solutions with some drawbacks for time management activity.

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