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Basic time management tools or objects

Time management tools - Effective time management - To do list - Time management planner - File organizer

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As you can see from the time management system structure the first important block is time management objects or tools.

The core set of time management objects is:

  • To do list,
  • Time management planner or scheduling calendar and
  • file organizer

Regardless of how you implement these objects, if plain paper, or if you provide it within your PDA doesn't matter much.

Most important will be, how fast you will have access to these basic time management objects.It doesn't help much, if you permanently have to make notes on stickers in order to transcribe later into your tool. That's a foundation of chaos.

Otherwise, naturally nobody carries the whole day all tools around, you sometimes cannot really avoid to make notes outside your time management tools. With some discipline this will be no problem.

Transcribing cannot be avoided totally. Sometimes it is planning, where you have to rearrange or distribute various notes to different places within your paperwork or PC files. Sometimes you jotted down notes during times you are not in the office or during work, but want to memorize an idea, telephone no. a.s.o.

As rule observe:

  • try to use your basic time management objects as directly as possible
  • avoid making notes elsewhere as much as possible.
  • Furthermore, if you have to do it, then as soon as possible try to transcribe into your time management tools.

By the way, although time consuming, transcribing has some little positive therapeutic and other effects:

You may experience that tasks have settled already, that you may delegate, you may even say no, or writing again strengthens memory and importance of the tasks or date.

Sometimes it is advisable to allow some time wasters in order to avoid wasting more time.

Based on a solid foundation of the basics: Todo-List, Calendar and Filing system you may add further tools, that support your very specific working situation.

Two groups complement one another:

Paper tools and electronic tools.

Some common additional paper tools (most are available in electronic form) are:

  • Different forms of daily planner
  • Task scheduler
  • Time managemet charts
  • Time management templates
  • Time management forms
  • Advanced diary

Popular electronic tools:

  • Electronic diary
  • Electronic organizer
  • Smart phone
  • Tablet PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Personal time management software
  • Time management software
  • Online diaries
  • Time management online

Reversing the direction – basics last – costs time!

Helpful continuative information on time management tools:

Organized ways
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