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Time management solution

What is time management - Importance of time management - Advanced time management - Time management solution - Time management system and structure

Based on the molecule model the implementation of a usable time management solution is already possible.

The sequence is:

Starting with activities after receiving an input. This may be a reaction induced by an input from outside, or an own active thought to accomplish something (reaction or action or proaction).

What do you do in detail, when managing time?

These are the distinct activities or action steps in approximate order of importance:


  • Say no , if you cannot say no, then
  • Delegate, if not able to delegate then
  • Write down as task into to do-list = starting point for prioritizing
  • Schedule into calendar
  • Prioritize
  • File

If applicable:
  • Categorize
  • Draw a plan
  • Analyse
  • Complete by several useful tips

Before you actually start to do things:

What are the objects you need and have to handle during these actions? (paper and/or electronic)

  • To do list
  • Calendar
  • Filing system
  • Other organizing tools
  • Electronic tools

These are the minimum objects or parts of a practical time management solution.

And finally which skills do you need?

Although not really skills the first two points are very important:

  • Power of control and authorization

If not already clear, look, what you really can influence? How much power of control over your workday do you really have?

What are you allowed to perform? Things you are not allowed to do, you cannot manage. You only can manage “around” such things.

  • Sense of order

If you are not able to attain a certain sense of order it will be very difficult to establish a minimal discipline, that assures you are doing the few required actions regularly.

Without order time management will not work.

Real skills are: being able to

  • decide
  • tackle things, no or litte procrastination
  • focus on a goal
  • discern important from unimportant
  • to have modern IT tools off pet

You possess

  • assertiveness
  • discipline

These are the most important skills you should possess to establish a helpful time management solution. Nevertheless, nobody is perfect. People who miss these skills naturally too can manage their time, but with poor result.

Look at the list and start to improve the most hindering skill by even little steps.

(Do you know the story of Hercules growing powerful starting with a new born calf on his shoulders by running day by day around the Colosseum at Rome?)

Improvement of skills is no issue of time management. You will find countless practical advice on the web.


Watch for some time how you work and whether your tasks could be done by others (able to delegate). Start by NOT using elaborated forms and procedures. Only write the task into your Todo-list: “ watch today how I work, and if I have to do all I have put on my Todo-list”. Stumbling across this task at each check of your Todo-list, CAUSES something. You don’t have to make a science of it. Repeat it after several days. In this way your own personal time management solution will grow steadily.

One bad behavior really changed is better than elaborated systems planned to improve your total kind of working. We sometimes try to do too much at once and accomplish nothing.

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