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Time management planner and schedulers

Time management tools - Effective time management - To do list - Time management planner - File organizer

A time management planner may have countless form factors. Essential is, that it allows to put dates (preferably no tasks, but the exception proves the rule) in a way that suits your needs best.

I made the experience that most people are using scheduling calendars that show 1 full week on two pages in a book calendar or one screen.

Therefore, you have a whole week in front of you, with all dates, appointments, exception wise tasks and other relevant dates and time bound things.

This allows some looking in advance and inner preparation for upcoming events.

My recommendation

In any case keep apart time management planner tools (container of schedules, dates time) from the to do list (the task container)Preferably don’t mix it in one tool.

The first is time bound, time information is fixed (as long as you don’t have to change it for any reason) the latter is processing bound, and is waiting to be managed.

Within a dynamic time management environment, these two may cause time wasting conflicts in handling dates and tasks.

Maybe you have already made the experience when writing tasks into a book calendar, undone tasks vanish more and more with every day passing by. If you want to avoid forgetting something you either have to transcribe or page back and search for the undone things.

You will find a wide field of sophisticated instruments, useful ones, cheap, expensive, sometimes complicated but representative.

I think time has gone maybe for such too complex paper tools with upcoming lightweight notebooks and PDAs.

The importance as a status symbol has faded for paper solutions, although there are still users valueing solid artwork that at some professions may be more important then gambling with a notebook in front of a business partner.

The basic function remains:

Writing things with a date, time, location, notes, partners names and so on, into a tool that allows fastest access to put information in and out.

One special form of calendar of many others is a year planner for medium term events like seminars, holidays, important events you should keep an eye on (marriage day, birthdays and so on, that allow you to frequently think of gifts you should think of and purchase in time.)

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