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Time management in the workplace

Criteria of a really helpful time management in the workplace to tame your task overload. Unbenanntes Dokument

Do you freak out observing an overcrowded to do list?

Don´t panic!

The bad message:

No time management system can liberate you 100% from heavy and stressful times in your working day.

The ability of various systems to lower your stress level at work is quite different. The more rules to obey, the less power is left for real time management in the workplace. Higher complexity focuses your energy more to maintenance of the system instead of enhancing your performance.

The good message:

Something ingenious is always simple. (J.W.v.Goethe)


Relevation by questioning traditional time management

Questioning the well meant and common rules published in most time management guidebooks and seminars revealed relieving insights.

Time management in the workplace is mainly managing tasks.

Many time management tips and procedures waste time only without substantial yield (see yield hill theory) if you deal with it.

By using the simplest boiled down steps to get rid of the daily tasks, business life gets clearer and a lot more productive.

Back to the time management basics revolutionizes your time management in the workplace. Even if you have an incredibly overcrowded schedule, you possess something to tackle with a multitude of tasks, many projects and appointments. At the same time, you will be kept focusing on your most significant tasks and goals.


The time management manifesto

“An Ideal time management solution should help busy people to master their task overload by experienced and unequaled simple task management.”

This is an attempt to describe the most important requirements of an ideal and advanced time management solution. In the following, I will denominate such a solution simply as TAO (TAsk Organizer).

1) TAO ensures a perfect grip on your duties

It helps you to keep track of progress among many tasks and unpredictable events. You catch problems early and hardly step into quandaries. Last but not least, you permanently keep track on your goals.

2) Perfectly supports success

Because of a dynamically permanent clear view on what to do next, without any distraction by bothering with systemic demands.

3) Improve security of employment

Perfect control over your work by effective time management in the workplace is a substantial criterion supporting your acceptance by your boss.

A time management method of course cannot guarantee that you keep your present job. However, you are in a favor against chaotic workers, that often lose control over their duties.

4) Smooth changeover from current system

It allows decluttering of systems in use without distracting the current workflow.
You may keep basic time management tools you are used to, just with a little modification.
Minimum learning time

5) Relaxed management of tasks despite overwhelming duties

Maintain or quickly regain peace of mind despite an overcrowded task book.

A task itself may be hard work. This need not be the same for its management. The ideal time management in the workplace should be the simplest way to manage huge amounts of tasks, incalculable events and interruptions in realtime efficiently.

6) Health at work by inner calmness

It ensures health by cutting stress. You are as sure as possible that you have finished all you could finish in a day. You face the least worries about a task overload.

7) Builds on your current level of knowledge about time management

A time management approach should respect you as a competent adult. Many published time management advice behave as readers hear the term time management the first time in their whole life.

You need not start as a raw recruit to apply time management in the workplace.

You are gifted with many skills and knowledge in your way to use time. You hardly can learn totally new time management issues. You just need to be open to change some habits. You only need to rearrange, what you already know about time management, economically guided by TAO.

Forget excess planning obsessions and rules bondage. Don’t worry about the overwhelming length of to do lists and decisions about categorizing.

8) Well-priced it is affordable

It reasonably priced it is an affordable tool with maximum efficiency and highest ROI. You save a lot of time and money in comparison to complex time management solutions.

Download the FREE ebook “Easytasking” covering more details about the above issues.

Included in this copy are excerpts from the TAO Timing ebook giving you a foretaste of this critical and even more stress relieving time management publication.

Think about the Time Management Manifesto and please let me know, if you want to add more significant points.

So far all the best!

Ronald Hell

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