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A time management essay written by life

Time management articles - Time management essay

You will find many highly sophisticated time management essays describing common methods for organizing your time. As long as you have enough time to serve them, they work quite well. However, life goes on even without it. Mind wellness and a good feeling when managing time demand clever and simple solutions only.

Of course, some prestigious benefit may also come into play too. I remember my first time manager, leather bound, heavy weight, impressive, representative – but in heavy times it has been on vacation.

It was impossible to use it as intended and keeping track of things to be done and maintaining control. So I permanently have been looking for better solutions, that could support me, especially in stress moments.The main ideas I describe in this time management essay.

The ultimate solution?
For many years, I have been trying to find the ultimate solution to get rid of time and tasks in various jobs as a purchaser, sales engineer, product manager, coach and team leader. I developed my own sophisticated systems with listings, stickers, calendar combinations, forms and other rather useless stuff.

I organized, categorized and planned. I found organizing, categorizing and planning tools that organized, categorized and planned my organizations, categories and plans. I used nearly all I could find in time management articles, time management essays and seminars.

The problem has always been the same. In periods with plenty of time, the systems seemed to support my work.However, these systems failed, when time ran short.The performance of a time management system should be measured against the time critical situations only.

I attended time seminars and organizing workshops, and read even more books about sophisticated methods and tools.

As soon as the number of tasks cumulated and stress grew up, all these systems failed again in helping me to overcome the situation without severe consequences.

A personal moment of enlightenment
Very often in the morning my tasklist and email inbox had been more than full.By a short check of my bigger goals, I tried to get into the right mood for my priorities and actual demands of the day.

Paralyzed by the huge amount of things to do I once stumbled into my work, no longer thinking of details like ABC categorizing as usual, forgetting urgent or important and so on. In the first instance believing, that I would never accomplish this task overload, some hours later I experienced – surprise, I am on the right way!

Some tasks took care of themselves, others had been shorter I thought of (though some much longer…). However, at the end of the day, the most important goal oriented things had been done without using or even thinking of certain rules during the working hours, in spite of handling a lot of interruptions.

The most important surprise had been: since I didn’t care about the length of my task list and just made short notes to fix arriving tasks, that triggered timely action, my stress level remarkably decreased.

Sometimes it seems like a wonder.

I acknowledged that every system has its limits. A perfect solution is an illusion. Imagine you are busy on three phones, at the same time your boss wants an immediate report, a customer urges an instant delivery and your dog has a full bladder. Do categorizing, scheduling or planning help?

Finally, I tried a further step
As an experiment only I consciously reduced time management to absolute lean elements, steps and rules everybody can instantly use without many learning.

By and by, I regained my job satisfaction using these guidelines. Continuing the new behavior more often I left my office with the good feeling: I had done, what had to be done and could be done this day. Moments of out of office shock, because I had forgotten important things decreased.

I based it on the wisdom, that you can do only one thing at a given moment, something as the Zen of time management or the Tao of timing. I strongly hope, that the basic idea in this time management essay fall on fertile ground to help you to cope with your task overloads.

Maybe your personal demands on an individual time management system do not allow such a philosophy. However, check the description of an ideal time management solution.

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