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Time management activities are the heartbeat of success

Time management activities - Acting on tasklist - Fixing dates in your weekly planner - How to organize files

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Time management activities is the second of the top blocks in the time management structure What you do at least, when you manage time?

You simply work the most important basic time management tools to do list, scheduler, file organizer and the other additional tools after you have finally chosen to accept an input for further processing.

After arrival of an input (a thought about having something to do, an order by your boss, a request from a customer, and so on) and before starting any activity you activate a flash of checks within your head resulting at first in either saying no or delegating or deciding to further process.

Then, which factors influence time management activities?

  • How big is your potential of experience and knowledge,
  • how much are you allowed to decide,
  • are you able to do the task,
  • how much risk you may take,
  • how much time do you have,
  • are you in a positive or aggressive mood,
  • are negative or undeveloped skills hindering you?

That all normally doesn’t become conscious but influences the performance and quality of our activities.

Activities are the “… agere” – part of management, although the subsequent activities not only are performed “manu…” i.e. by hand.

First you decide, then you write, you organize, you think and having found a certain degree of orientation in your writing you finally start your work.

Modes of activities – linear and non linear time management

Linear time management as I define it, sets time management activities which you work regardless of any other stringent issues, which may occur during working your plan. It is strictly putting one task after another in one cemented previously planned line.

That makes sense at project management activities, and smaller chunks of time normally not more than several hours of work, requiring high concentration.

Linear time management is incompatible with dynamic working requirements.

“Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance you must keep moving.”- Albert Einstein

Nonlinear or dynamic time management takes care of all the minute changes of priority.

You clearly should not react on every interruption, if it isn’t your responsibility, and of course you should install time chunks in which you can work undisturbed.

In life a healthy balance of these modes of behavior seems to be a realistic method to cope with highly dynamic business life. Not– either or, but both - as well as.

That too differentiates followers from leaders.

The book “Linear Time Management, the Key to Personal Achievement” by David Clark
I not already read Mr. Clarks book, and I argue he is using the term linear in another meaning as I do.

Helpful Continuative Information

Supporting time management activities
Not only the directly time management related activities will pay off, if properly used, also activities, that pave the way for smooth and effective accomplishment of tasks.These are especially analyzing activities that should be done from time to time.

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