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Task management software - use simple, but brainy solutions.

Time management software - Task management software - Mind map software - Scheduling software - Project software

Based on the considerations given in other parts of this site task are the main “protagonists” in the area of managing time. Task management software should provide an intelligent and at the same time an as simple as a possible means to get rid of your daily duties in the working place.

Accomplishing your tasks in the best order and as quick as possible directly secures a minimum of stress and a maximum of goal oriented work.

Goal orientation depends on the right tasks and the right order of completion. This will be covered within a separate page covering goalsetting and time management.

Although the criteria for selecting a time management software are given on a previous page I want to step into more detail concerning task software.

Tasks don’t carry a time information yet. If you are faced to dynamically and quickly finish single tasks (not dividable into smaller parts) a software solution possibly will hinder you to accomplish your work.

If you have to deal with fewer but larger tasks, where you could define the duration of the task a software certainly will support your work. Moreover, if starting a task triggers following activities that must be scheduled – tasks that change to schedules – then possibly a good software is a quite inevitable tool.

The following list contains some task software solutions without any recommendation. Honestly check, what is the real benefit of a certain software in your own working situation?

Link list task management solutions

It primarily intended, in my opinion, for little projects, and tasks that consist of more partial tasks, or tasks with a bigger time requirement to accomplish.
http://www.chrometa.com/ time tracking software
Debrief ® is PC software to handle note overload and contains a powerful task management.

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