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Symptoms of stress

Job stress - Sources of stress - Workplace stress - Symptoms of stress - Effects of stress - Coping with stress

By symptoms of stress you may detect an upcoming job crisis, caused by own deficits or changes in the business area you are in command of.

The causes of occupational sorrows and difficulties producing stress often lie in not knowing appropriate strategies to manage the own work.

Typical forerunners or even manifest signs of heavy occupational problems producing or increasing work stress are (arbitrary order):

  • Dropping self-confidence
  • Increasing frustration
  • despair
  • Feeling faint
  • helplessness
  • hopelessness
  • Existential fear
  • Increasing failure rate
  • Upcoming troubles in your relationship
  • Bossing/Mobbing
  • Signs of Burnout
  • Losing power and motivation
  • Belittle signs (“it isn´t as dramatically as it seems...”)
  • Rumors about economical situation of employer
  • Feeling lethargic, unsatisfied, empty, depleted.
  • Feeling rivalry in the workplace (younger, better, cheaper colleagues)
  • Permanent malaise
  • Excessive or too low demands in the job
  • Unbearable occupational pressure
  • Missing perspectives and ways out
  • Frequently asking: why me?, what can I do?

This list is not complete. Many of the points are directly or indirectly consequences of bad timing and can be improved or cured by observing time management issues.

These points are often not conscious, but nevertheless are existent. If there is some suspicion for a longer period of time, weeks or months, that something is going wrong, it is a good advice to take time and analyze your situation.

Consciously ask, if some of the above points are already present, don´t belittle them, try to find their causes or ways to cope with. The earlier you start, the easier you can correct your way.

Pushing heavy signs away and not minding them, can end in the hospital. Take only half an hour per week for example, to check yourself and your current jobsĂ­tuation.

You see again: scheduling half an hour is a time management issue. If you have real friends have a relaxed talk with them. Speaking in most cases reveals your blind spot if you are open to look at what your dialog partner says.

Helpful Continuative Information

Please see also the special page about health issues of stress and a surprising answer to the question "how does stress affect health?"

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