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Starting your own business

Business time management -Small business ideas - How to start small business - Starting your own business - Small business plan

Before starting your own business

Now you know possibilities how to start in principle, you know the tools, you know the framework from the previous chapter How to start small business

The fundamental questions to answer here to establish and assure the most supporting power for your project are questions like these:

  • Why do I want to start a small business?
  • What are my motives?
  • What are all my prerequisites? (global view)
Among the numerous answers one is probably still the most important for most people: MONEY.

Before proceeding with you should check your mental foundation for Small business ideas the mental basis for finding business ideas and finding ideas within yourself is covered in the following text from Saleem Rana´s website.

If some of this applies for you too, then it will be the first step you have to cope with. Otherwise you start a very stony path, and the best ideas will not pay off:

If you don’t have enough money to pay your bills, your subconscious mind associates emotional pain to having more money. You acquire these money wounds from believing myths about money, from having lost money in the past, or from having had to do unpleasant work for money. Your subconscious mind, whose function it is to keep you safe, tries to spare you from emotional pain by keeping money away from you.”

Search for: How To Make More Money on Saleem Rana´s site under Articles.You will find a lot of further Articles and knowledge able to support your business, even if you have enough money to pay your bills … ;-)

SBI follows a similar spirit as the EKS

Preparing the business by giving first …a “money follows strategy automatically” – you mostly can´t make money you only can create the foundation of business that is the origin of money…It is not selling but preparing the ground for buying. I guess most people are not really interested massively to be sold to.

So what is it you can give first for starting your own business? You only can give from what you already possess, mentally and materially.

Looking for business ideas, which you first have to make your own, you have to spend extra time to check, learn, making familiar with and integrate.

If you look first at your own assets and prerequisites you are much closer to prosperous ideas than with all other ideas. And you know more of the hidden consequences and information behind, you are familiar with.

Who should buy from you and why?

What are your skills, knowledge and assets by which you may build the ground and arguments for buying? Ask yourself:

  • What is my speciality, what is my USP?
  • Why should somebody buy from me or order my service?

Nobody seems to be interested to supply your earnings. People want to have fulfilled specific individual wishes. How can you do that? It is useless to think, what others could wish – you must know it!

Do you have some ideas now, what your own business can be?Do you have already some answers for these questions?

I guess you now will get some feeling, why you will not directly find a list of the right business ideas for you for starting your own business. This is not a get rich quick site but a get enough by perseverance and patience. Preparing a rock ground for years avoiding building on sand repeatedly.

To evaluate – not only find – business ideas based on your prerequisites is the only hard part of starting your own business.Be extremely wary if somebody promises THE right chance for you, without knowing you. You will not find such advice on my site.

Your own prerequistites are the roots for your business ideas

The main secret of the eks strategy is to focus personal or corporate power like an optical lens on to the bottlenecks in the development of a specific target group to solve their most demanding problem and need.

If the parallel “lightrays” of individual strength, social connections, talents, assets, creativity, all you can think of, what lies within your control for development of an incomparable excellence, is not focused onto combustible stuff (niche) there will be no fire to warm (business).

So precise targeting is the next challenge of the EKS. That´s one possible answer starting your own business. The systems-researcher Wolfgang Mewes discovered this as the central obstacle in the development of men and companies.

Naturally, this is an ideal optimum not reached at once. However, by steadily applying the 7 phases under control of the 4 principles of the EKS will show powerful results soon.

A very positive side effect I discovered by coaching people and using the EKS method was, that by exploring their own capabilities, how few they might have been, had an enormous positive effect on self confidence and empowerment. Many of the clients went ahead and had immediate success at their job search or finding business ideas.

Combined with SBI (Site Build It) a practical and unsurpassed tool for bringing your business ideas to the outer world, you are starting your own business with additionally boost.

I state the vast majority of the websites created by SBI knowingly or not have more or less been established /came to reality by the principles of the EKS. The examples clearly show, how the users of SBI have marketed their very own personal assets instead of any strange idea from outside.

You may track the method within many of the examples:

SBI! Case Studies

Strategy and Webmarketing

The failure at most marketing efforts is, that very often not all forces are known and used, or energy is wasted by targeting wrong. How to target properly and how to start your own business is a question of the right strategy. Mewes´ early slogan in discussion with entrepreneurs has clearly been: “Your strategy is wrong!”

Many businesses focus on the features of their products or services only. You need much luck to make business this way. Knowing, which benefits the features provide is yet much better to grow a business turning features to benefits.

However, benefits, that are really specific advantages for a specific target group are one of the minimum requirements in developing the EKS strategy successfully.

A method used at Sitesell supports researching a sufficient narrow niche. The keyword exploration feature directly reflects two of the most important phases of the EKS, phases 2 and 4, dealing with the most promising business area and bottleneck in the development of the target group.

Probably, no other tool known is as effective and efficient than this one.

Helpful continuative information

The Work We Were Born To Do

Nick Williams's latest book is the definitive handbook for Inspired Entrepreneurs. In 62 inspiring and practical essays, he reveals why right now is the time for starting your own business through which you can share your unique gifts, make a difference to others, and serve a higher purpose. Using a potent combination of ancient wisdom, spiritual insight and ground-breaking entrepreneurial thinking, he shows how a whole new way of working is possible for you. In this new book, Nick explains why there is a new entrepreneurial spirit emerging on our planet, and maps out the exciting territory that you'll pioneer when you move from a day job into self-employment doing work you love.

The 7 Phases and 4 Principles of the EKS Strategy

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