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What are common sources of stress?

Job stress - Sources of stress - Workplace stress - Symptoms of stress - Effects of stress - Coping with stress

Following a short definition of possible sources of general stress I don’t want to go into more detail, since you will find excellent sites on the Internet dealing with stress:

… consequences of the failure of a human or animal body to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats to the organism, whether actual or imagined. (Wikipedia)

Much stress producing sorrows are unfounded if you:

  • Take full responsibility over your working life,
  • Care for proper strategies for new perspectives, and
  • Work on your occupational self-development.

To take responsibility among other possibilities means to a high degree applying methods to better manage your work and therefore time.

New perspectives are an issue of proper goal setting, that dictates certain time frames.

Furthermore, carriers include the development of time management skills and habits supporting the clever use of work time.

Therefore, an important source to a high degree is missing or improper time management used at work.

Helpful Continuative Information

Coaching against stress
If you severely suffer from stress you could book a personal coach and look if there are stress producing habits or other causes. Sometimes it is impossible to locate the sources of stress within the own working area. Maybe your stress level lowers remarkably without any further time management tips and tricks, just by perceiving a bad habit guided by a professional coaching.

Overcoming stress
Job stress may be the result of some other sources of psychological strain interacting. Knowing the different kinds of stress is the first step to overcome so far unknown stressors. This website provides a wide discussion of stress related background and an interesting psychic test.

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