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The small business plan

Small business plan - Business time management -Small business ideas - How to start small business - Starting your own business

Commit yourself to write a small business plan

Creating a business plan and small business administration possibly are annoying. However, absolutely necessary themes on the way to your success. Following is some areas of administrative necessities you have to manage in order to ensure a smooth development of your small business.

I previously wrote about the longer path in business. A business plan is your roadmap. Longer path means more time and more time means to use the most efficient method to manage your available time - or rather to organize your tasks on the way to your business.

That means, combining a useful business strategy with a practical time management method speeds up your progress to your own business.

Having established this first foundation for small business administration it is a good idea to use a business plan form supporting (but not dictating) your business strategy. Since the business strategy could be the EKS described here, the EKS phases actually can be used as some sort of a small business plan.

Write down the contents of the 7 phases of the EKS for your special situation as milestones. By working through the 7 phases you are generating a rough business plan. However, keep in mind, WRITE down your ideas, facts, tasks. Read what other successful people wrote about writing:

“Mc Namara taught me to put all my ideas into writing. The habit to grasp something by writing down is the first step to bring it to reality. By conversation only, you may allow yourself any noncommittal nonsense, often without being aware of it.

However, if you put thoughts on paper, then you are forced to express yourself precisely. Thus it is much more difficult to fool yourself.”

Free transcription from “Iacocca, Eine amerikanische Karriere” (“Iacocca, An American Career”), published by Econ.

A very practical and helpful tool in creating your business plan is the grouping view in microsoft word. You easily keep track of chapters and subchapters, you can collapse and expand to any depth of levels, and you are able to manage even largest files.

Many activities are independent of what kind of business you want to enter.

You have to

  • manage your tasks
  • coordinate dates
  • meet people
  • manage contact information
  • file information
  • get information
  • read and learn
  • manage your correspondence, email and paper
  • handle all the business specific tasks
  • do bookkeeping
  • manage finances
  • do marketing, acquisition

This list of small business administration facts is not in order of importance. You may expand it by using standard business plan forms from other sources.

The EKS Phases as a frame of a small business plan ensures, that your business administration is guided by the strategic background, and you don´t get bogged down in administrative details.

To cover the financial aspects in detail you may ask your bank for information. Many banks offer free of charge business plan templates to their customers with the focus on financial issues.

Embed your small business plan in good time management, steady self development, intelligent filing – paper and electronic and database systems.

Helpful continuative information

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