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Small business ideas, different approaches

Business time management - Small business ideas - How to start small business - Starting your own business - Small business plan

This set of pages should give you valuable impulses for the development of business ideas and the foundations to establish lasting solutions.

The common approach to small business ideas

You may use several methods:

  • Search in the Web (niche finding)
  • Follow recommendations of others
  • Imitate what other people successfully did
  • Listen to those who shout loudest about their incredible business ideas
  • Spend a lot of money to reach the right knowledge, - learn the hard way
  • Start a handful of business ideas all at once, one of them will hopefully be the ultimate, - frittering your power
  • Invest (waste) much time by looking and paying for business ideas that miss an inner foundation

Ethical correctness

If you want to establish an ethically correct business and a prosperous business income opportunity, you preferably focus on things you already know and that make fun, you are personally involved in – bear your spirit … but you will have to go a somewhat longer path far away from the countless glittering get rich ideas you will find on the web.

The decision between longer path and quick shots is: the longer path will last. It will be a profound basis for long term business relations. Quick shots you probably have to repeat repeatedly, what consumes a lot of power. In the long run, it is not very effective, however, it promises immediate but limited results.

What fairy tales can teach us
Sagas and fairy tales tell us a lot allegories reflecting our modern behaviors. They always had been a means of educating people and guiding them to a balanced and human life. You find such stories in all cultures of the world.

Many sagas and fairy tales tell us about a pact with the devil whenever quick and material richness is involved. Maybe you know the stories of fairies, gnomes and other mythical creatures. Very often they confront people with the choices of several wishes. Only the wise benefit from their decisions.

Other stories tell from gifts from such creatures to people, and only those who are grateful with even the smallest gift remain the successful and get rich, the others omitting their gifts perish. (simple gifts after some time turn to gold, for example)

Nuclear energy, I admit an extreme example – a fantastic means to produce nearly unlimited energy in comparison to other methods. And a huge business. However, at the expense of the mixed blessings of nuclear waste we have to get under control. A quite satanic situation comparable to the sagas where Old Nick is in action.

The moral of such stories
What I want to say with this excursion: We have the wisdom to gain wealth, not only from our religions. We just have to be open for any old wisdom. Even modern management borrows pieces of wisdom from the various world religions.

So try to check your business ideas under these aspects. If not “satanic” I am sure you have a good foundation.

Mental foundation for small business ideas

Another aspect when creating small business ideas is the mental power involved. This ranges from the consideration, if a small business is really what you want to attain in your life, to the question, why it didn´t happen already, why don´t you have already the success you strive for?

I strongly recommend to visit Saleem Rana´s website. A remarkable site covering numerous articles that reveal possible invisible obstacles on your hitherto way to success. Many of the topics help to establish and stabilize the mental foundation of your small business ideas or alternatives.

Finding Ideas within yourself

However, there exists another group of possibilities, as mentioned above, all borne by 1) open minded looking to yourself and your own capabilities by which 2) you may solve problems for a target group/prospects, waiting for solutions or unsurpassed and unique service.

Your inner values, experiences, knowledge, social network and many other facts bound to your personality probably naturally ensure an ethical direction and strong mental basis.

Ask yourself:

  • What are your own assets?
  • What did you already do for other people within your current or previous profession?
  • Did you have own fascinating ideas, you always wanted to realize?
  • Do you often meet people, talking about unsolved problems?
  • Did you acknowledge such problems elsewhere?

That´s only a few broad questions, but we will go deeper further on.

Focus on own premises instead of looking for any opportunities only. Adopting, what others recommend as small business ideas often miss personal involvement and spirit. Naturally, you can try to find the right niche for you and many will find it, some by chance, some because of their will to work hard a lot.

Deduct your small business ideas from your personal “assets”

I met a lot of people in my coaching job, that always saw their deficit in knowing too little and wanted to learn, learn, learn.

However, none of them had the idea to reveal, what they already possess and to look at a goal – if they had one already - and define, which knowledge they need to reach it, or to research if they would need a special knowledge anyway.

It possibly will even turn out, that you don’t need to work on your own small business ideas, but find a niche in which you may work employed with sufficient satisfaction. Your small business ideas may turn out as a profitable employment instead of having to establish all the stuff you need as an entrepreneur.

The EKS ® Strategy

An unsurpassed method to make your own prerequisites the foundation for small business ideas is the EKS ® Strategy developed by Wolfgang Mewes. At the same time, it ensures a highly moral procedure, keeping in mind the benefit of all involved partners.

The “Bottleneck Focused Strategy” a word by word translation *) has been used from single individuals for improvement of their employment to big companies.

*) other names: “The Concentrated Systems Strategy” or in German: “Engpasskonzentriete Verhaltens- und Führungsstrategie” bottleneck focused behavioral and guidance strategy , “Engpaß Konzentrierte Strategie”, formerly “Energo Kybernetische Strategie”.

Bottlenecks are obstacles in our own development. However, more important in the development of others. Whenever we accept the challenge to overcome such obstacles on both sides by a useful method, we establish the foundation for our success.

More about small business ideas on starting your own business.

You may find ideas with a special brainstorming method I use, and I will describe in an upcoming page. Use additional creativity methods like mind maps and other tools. RSS here and you will receive the information as soon as it is published.

The best ideas will not come to reality, if the tools you use are edgeless.

Helpful continuative information

An amazing work at home example
This website deal with some simple realized ideas to establish a small business. It even takes care of the very basics, like preparing the space at home and other essential but non trivial necessities that prevent the successful start of a small business, if neglected.

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