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Managing time with a mind map

Time management software - Task management software - Mind map software - Scheduling software - Project software

When surveying different time management software solutions it is remarkable, that most (if not all) solutions use some sort of linear approach for displaying the functions involved and giving structure on the computer screen.

Many products appear similar to the file structure of the Windows Explorer (Microsoft) or Finder (Mac) and the schedulers involved to do not differ much. The most important differences lie in the comfort of their use.

That´s natural, many people are educated to think linearly. Thinking cross functional or dynamically seems not as much developed and established. However, this is a major doorway to time saving and efficient working. Once tried you probably would never want to miss cross functional tools.

You need not learn networked thinking immediately to use time management efficiently. However, an excellent tool guide into this direction: A Mind Map, in the following short "MM". The biggest hurdle to explore this method often is the inertia of own (unthrifty) habits.

Nearly all of the features of the time management software selector guide are covered by good MM software (for example Freemind)

MM ideally support dynamic time management. I not yet found a time management software solution, that supports this kind of managing tasks. Many programs are quite ok and supply great features. However, are bound mainly to linear structuring of tasks and schedules.

How MMs works and why, best describes the inventor Tony Buzan itself: Why Mind Mapping Works
Compare the software programs listed in task management software with the possibilities of MMs.

What you may accomplish even with a simple and free MM software:

  • Create the well known to do list
  • If time allows, you may even sort by significance by simple drag and drop.
  • You may categorize, if this is really important for you.
  • You may create links from one task to another.
  • You can insert links to files and websites.
  • The whole mind map is even convertible into a linear list.
  • And many features more depending on the chosen software solution.

The “beautiful” side effect of a MM is: maybe since it resembles to a neuron of our brain, its content allows an unsurpassed overview over the tasks and topics of a project.

It, therefore, provides an excellent prearrangement for creative solutions and ideas for the efficient accomplishment of our tasks. By the way, it also supports dynamic prioritizing.

MMs additionally are very comfortable means to install as a personal information management system.

More on MM you will find at The Organic Mind.


The amount of MM solutions on the web is overwhelming. The following links are some websites only showing their countless creative possibilities. These links should encourage you to do further searches, if mind mapping shows up as a new world for you.

iMindMap is the original software from the inventor of MMs, Tony Buzan.

A very informative site about MM, with many practical examples is Freemind.

Comparison charts and surveys

MM - software
(A higher priced, however, most professional program)

MM Examples

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