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Learning Time Management

Sometimes learning time management from books alone does not provide sufficient assistance for implementing the new knowledge into the working process.

(One exception is Easytasking by the TAO Timing Method. If somebody faces difficulties, when applying time management with this concept he/she must have general learning disabilities).

However specific professions possibly need special methods for managing time and organizing work. Studying time management by seminars ensures to get unclear knowledge explained professionally and questions answered immediately.

A professional time management seminar also will take into account the specific needs of a company and the time coordination requirements of teams.

Specific topics of Time management seminars
Adopting a new time management is often rather learning new methods to perform tasks and activities quicker and more efficient, rather than organizing and prioritizing the tasks itself.

So one point is to define the significance of the tasks first and then applying methods to get best and most efficient results by doing the tasks. Training such skills is done more deeply by attending a professional seminar being guided and supervised by a trainer and coach.

Some possible topics are:

  • Speed reading
  • How to ensure productive meetings
  • How to set goals
  • Telephone Training
  • How to delegate
  • General communication skills
  • Working place organization
Learning time management very often is learning "Meta Time Management" methods. This means using alternative procedures, techniques or ways to perform certain projects instead of common possibilities.

Two examples I describe in "How to start small business". (EKS Strategy: Using this strategy saves a lot of time creating a business, SBI: Using Sitesell for establishing a profitable Website too helps to concentrate on more beneficial things, than struggling with web editors and SEO, at the same time ensuring the best possible performance on the web.)

Helpful continuative Information

Corporate & Public Training
Through interactive coaching, participants learn easy-to-use tools and skills to manage both projects and relationships in an effective & efficient manner. These training sessions give the individual more self control, add value and balance in their professional and personal life while organizations gain higher performance from more skilled, accountable and committed employees. Among other issues Time Management is one key subject.

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