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Time management against job stress

Job stress - Sources of stress - Workplace stress - Symptoms of stress - Effects of stress - Coping with stress

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Three possible arguments to use time management:

  • First, to cut or avoid job stress by being best prepared to cope with incalculable events and to be able to react in a proper way.
  • Second, to gain time by clever managing of
  • Third, to balance acting, proacting and reacting most efficient.

It is well meant advice only to act but not realistic in business. It depends on your power of control over utilization of time (see diagram). The very common and popular demand to be active instead of reactive is another source of stress today but that´s another chapter.

Besides other methods and strategies, time management basics are the very foundation of nearly
all means to fight work related stress.

Missing a date, forgetting a task, if of the highest importance too - only two incidences, and you will fall into typical workplace stress.

The other side of proper time management use is a high satisfaction level over your work.

Office workers, managers and entrepreneurs are people working with telephone, mobile phone, PDA, personal computer, possess a desktop and a chair or not, communicate with other people inside and outside of their working place, sell or buy, negotiate, handle paper, record or retrieve information, depending on position delegate or execute work, calculate, drink coffe and so on….

Common stress potential and stress causing issues within the above points directly or indirectly related to time are:

Missed dates, excessive workload at insufficient time, lost information, forgotten and vanished tasks, being not able to fulfill what is expected –

these all may depend on insufficient time management, maybe due to real or imagined demand to deal with office odds and ends and not able to focus on things that pay off or contribute to a wanted result.

It’s a question of when to do what.

Since the variables of this "formula" may change within shortest time spans, an agile time management is high demand for efficient and stress minimized work.

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