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Importance of time management

What is time management - Importance of time management - Advanced time management - Time management solution - Time management system and structure

Why time management?

Ask yourself:

  • What is the importance of time management within my occupational situation, or maybe within my life?
  • What do I really want from an advanced time management solution?
  • Moreover, is what I want what I really need, based on the discussion under "What is time management"?

It is not easy to answer this question and is not advice able to put too much time into an investigation. Start with simple solutions and experience with time, to find out the importance of time management for you and what you should add.

A partial answer is anyhow: every time management user needs the basics regardless of how they are to be managed. Additionally each of the possible target groups searching means to manage time have its own specifics concerning organization and management of their work and dealing with time.

Forget for some time complicated rules you ever heard about time management!If you can build up on a solid foundation all further matters is merely a logical consequence with minimal power needed.

Is it important for you to know you have saved 1 or 2 hours a day? Alternatively, is work satisfaction your goal?

Time on one side is important for an employer, because he/she can expect a higher output from their employees. Employees profit from time yield, increased work satisfaction and hopefully reduced stress.

Work satisfaction sometimes also has the reverse effect of more motivation and joy in applying time management. The information herein therefore also tends to improve your timing performance THROUGH work satisfaction.

Well supported time management target groups on the web seems to be students, teachers and sales people, office workers, managers and small business owners.That reflects a broad necessity of this theme and its importance for working people.

Anyhow every person employed, that has some degree of freedom in deciding what to do when can profit from the basics, and need them. Only the very specific issues make the difference.Sometimes people become aware of the real importance not before trying the first steps and experiencing the benefits.

TIP (especially if you never before thought to use time management) Try for some time to write things you have to do or want to do into only ONE place. A sheet of paper, a booklet, your PDA, whatever you want, but only into ONE such tool and fastest possible accessible.

Your desktop PC seems no good idea, you have to boot, and you normally don’t carry it with you, so new tasks cannot be collected and written instantly into your ONE place.

The “things” should not require more than one line written down. In 99% of cases this is enough and in the case you need more, then it is a clear sign, that you should split this task into smaller chunks. Only a few words can trigger a huge amount of information from your mind.

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