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How to organize files

Time management activities - Acting on tasklist - Fixing dates in your weekly planner - How to organize files

What is the purpose of filing at managing time?

As stated previously, when managing you have to guide something, you have to deal mainly with information when considering office work.

Important information has to be stored and must be quickly available for retrieving it. So how to organizes files in the most efficient manner?

All information that doesn´t fit into your weekly planner or tasklist by writing a short sentence or some few words, should find another place within your working environment.Normally many tasks are bound to documents or records.

If important enough you will file the information in any form from simple notes to bigger reports, documents or similar, within a known place (Paper forlder for example).

However, how to organize files with information, that doesn´t fit nowhere else?

Preferably work on it immediately, maybe you can say no or delegate to avoid the necessity of filing. Otherwise, use the mnb (maybe never box) as last option (not recommended in this situation, but make your note on a sheet of paper and store it in the mnb, if you feel better doing so).

Possibly you see, that later on you will have more information of the same kind and you will decide to install a folder. With the Classei it is so easy and quick, that you may risk this option. (Although keeping in mind not to overfile).

To use a sticker could be the exemption of the rule. That’s it. Starting to use more stickers, having separate sheets of paper lying about on your desk is the end of managing time and the beginning of wasting time and resources and upcoming stress.

Here some degree of discipline is inevitable.

A little workflow showing the activity and answer how to organize files:

Input – decision: say no (file into paper basket) – delegate – decide to process, – file into mnb - do it immediately – capture as task in tasklist or as date in weekly planner or both - file excess info in existing file – write sticker or separate sheet of paper - install new file – work ahead.

Filing is closely connected to a very special skill, not yet discussed:

Ability to give the right names

Consider, what is the most important aspect of a file name so you will find it later without many tries and error choosing the right search term?

Consider: is it necessary to create a new file or does it fit into an existing file well enough? Because filing too much can degrade trace ability and develop an excellent time waster.

Starting to install a new filing system naturally needs some initial time. Nevertheless, this time is spent very well, if you consider the yield of quicker searches and faster access over time.

This initial time too demands very careful selection of categories and name you use for the tabs.

Some guidelines of how to orgnaize files and naming files

  • Use as short terms as possible
  • Use as long enough as necessary
  • Place the main aspect in front of the term
  • Try to collect files contextually within separate boxes/file container
  • Use denominations similar to earlier search terms you are familiar with.
  • Try to judge your terms “out of the moccasins" of other people
  • Judge twice by moccasins, if other people should have access to your files.

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