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A surprising answer on How does stress affect health ?

The question how does stress affect health is one of the most asked and less answered questions on the internet concerning stress issues. This contribution is somewhat beside the topic time management. However, stress is a trusty companion of misuse of time in business.

What, if you get to know better how does stress affect health?
What, if you find a way, that inherently avoids any stress at all? Would you adopt it?

The psycho – logic behind a thinking model

First of all: In order to fight stress or to avoid upcoming stress you need a high motivation to take action really instead of complaining only about your trouble. It may be interesting to know how does stress affect health so youcan estimate, what may happen if you ignore this theme?

The common view of point, when facing troubles causing stress is: there is something out there, that approaches me, hurts me, has an actor outside me attacking me and that is guilty and responsible for my bad feeling, my anger andstress.It is the typical playing victim.

Some people who are developed and reflected to some degree, will agree, that many problems have been caused by themselves. They are willing and able to trace back to an origin.

Psychologic findings, however, report, that there are many causes deep in our subconscious mind, we are not easily able to access and correct. Such buried causes create severe problems too, and we do not know why, what and when something happens to us, that produces stress.

I too cannot present the knowledge to cope with unknown causes of stress.

What I can do is to encourage you to try an experiment.  

Although it seems totally clear, that the direction of problematic situations mostly seems from outside towards inside oneself, try to reverse the direction in your thinking just as an experiment:

Think of the possibility, that ALL you experience in the outside is caused by a hypothetical mysterious instance within you, without any exception.

This is one way. You may come closer to an answer for the question “how does stress affect health?”

By the way, the instance I mentioned above, is said to be memories from our subconscious mind (accumulated over a long time period) replaying in our consciousness. Thus something from within ourselves shows in the outer world, where it is visible and feelable, like looking into a mirror.

The outside is the screen, where our unsolved problems are reflected, so we are able to experience it. (Law of the Mirror).
This model of course doesn’t reveal the causes of your stress producing troubles, however, enables us to get a grip on it.

The idea is, I am not feeling pain, because something from the outer world hurts me, but my replaying memories from within enabling my pain to be consciously graspable, by the means of something that seems to be outside of me and that triggers a threat.

Naturally, that is a concept you may agree to or not. However, problems you face carry one aspect nobody can ignore:

Even, if an impact has an external, visible cause – YOU experience a real attack in the form of pain, anger, frust, disappointment appearing in your consciousness.

These are two different things: the external cause and the internal effect. Strictly discern the outside trigger and what it caused within you. You got it?

The essential step now is, stop fighting and quarreling with the trigger – the assumed cause (unless it is a real attack against your body and life)

Take 100% responsibility for whatever happens within YOU.

Be ready to accept it as it is. Focus on what you can do now for yourself only.

Remember it is just an experiment.

Of course you may say, that’s statements, hypothesis, unproved nonsense or whatever you my call it. Fact is, even without agreeing to these ideas there remain problems and causes of problems we don’t have any explanation for.

It causes stress and again should lead you to the vital question: how does stress affect health? Alternatively, it focused to yourself: how does your stress affect your health?

No logical facts and what we normally call reality, can answer that sufficiently. Many people find bloodcurdling explanations for things that cannot be explained. However, they fit into their narrow points of view.

However, back to stress.

What is the moral of the above now? Taking 100% responsibility for whatever happens to you in your life, in business or in your job, for example, and using corrective means on these uncomfortable events minimizes to stress tremendously, and will finally answer how does stress affect health by a surprising turn:

You need not know at all how stress affect health. You need not worry about the consequences, as long as you get your stress under control by taking full responsibility of all negative experiences you have.

Now what is the effect? Responsibility lowers stress because

  • You are not busy to find a guilty person because if you honestly look at yourself first, you may have found what you have searched for
  • you do not waste time to deal with the problem but with means and solutions to overcome a problem
  • you do not feed the causes of stress further, by quarreling with outside things you hardly can correct
  • You avoid stress by letting go to any searching for how does health affect stress ideas.
  • You begin to stop producing adrenalin or whatever toxic juices within your body, by experimenting with this thinking.

Erase the question: how does stress affect health? from your mind. So you leave the area of problems and the temptation to deal with the negative consequences, you probably never will face.

You have the power to turn a problem into a solution. And fighting stress sustaining if you focus on the inner situation first, instead of investigating what will happen if you cannot cope with the stress.

How does stress affect health thus degrade to an academic question. It is important of course, where you cannot find any solution to overcome stress. Knowing possible consequences in this situation obviously can be helpful and motivating to take preventive action.

I hope I could intrigue you positively, and maybe these words are a trigger to improve your whole life.

Eliminate stress by being responsible! 

Helpful continuative information

More on these concepts had been published in the bestseller “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitaly, a contributor to “The Secret” DVD. He gives an interesting overview by interviews with Dr. Hew Len, the keeper of an ancient Hawaiian healing method.

Eckhart Tolle´s “The Power of Now” even more radical answers the question How does stress affect health.

If you want it a bit less esoteric you find valuable wisdom in Reinhard K. Sprenger's books currently available only in German.

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