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File organizer - the 3rd leg for stable time management

File organizer - Time management tools - Effective time management - To do list - Time management planner

First let us look at those cases, where an online file organizer alone doesn’t work.The myth of the paperless office not yet has come true.

Two Top Tools - you hardly need more:

Derived from long year practical use: the most important organizing tool for filing with regard to time yield is the

mnb *).Its functionality is mainly applied to paper information, notes and acts. However it also can be installed as a computer based filing.

The next important organizer for paper documents I use is the

Classei System (opens new window)

Among the huge amount of different filing systems I researched in the Internet, this one has some brilliant features. It is a product, that unbeatable quickly allows to generate an act, define its final location within the system, store and retrieve it with one grasp. It is affordable at a reasonable price.

You will no longer use a hole puncher and ring binder or other time wasting solutions if there is no mandatory cause to use it. Even hanging files don’t come close to the Classei solution.

All other paper bound filing systems, I don’t want to mention here, I argue, that according to the 80 20 rule the two above cover most office need. (mnb and Classei)

Document scanners are the link between paper and electronic time management tools. A discussion where and when to use at time management issues with reasonable time yield will follow in this website if any demand should arise.

Electronic filing solutions discussed are PC or MAC based, the most well known simple ones are Windows Explorer and Finder. A huge market covers more comfortable database software. More on software solutions for filing electronic documents within more tools

*) maybe never box
Maybe you never heard about it under this name, but I am sure there exist similar recommendations providing the same.

The mnb is a place, where you put

  • all paper information, acts and notes that you
  • do not want or dare to trash, which you
  • think you will need some time again and which
  • do not fit into any of your installed files or
  • are not worth to get an own place in your files.
The main advantage is, to know, you anytime have access even to this information. That relaxes wonderfully.

As soon as the nmb is full, then take out the lower 1-2 inches and trash it without even looking once what is in.

You normally will experience, that you don’t look more than a few times into your nmb during the months, and you will miss nothing by trashing.

This is my experience and that of clients. Adopt the principle to your working situation, I am sure you will enjoy it.

"maybe never box"

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