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Electronic Organizer

Timesavers - Electronic organizer - Forms and checklists

Some common examples of electronic tools

  • Pda (personal digital assistant)
  • smart phone
  • blackberry Phone
  • speech recorder
  • tablet PC solutions
  • tools, that implement to do lists in whatever form and scheduler, as well as a file organizer.
  • sub notebooks

An interesting site about PDA´s: http://www.squidoo.com/gozmos

All physical bigger solutions are not really practical at all working situations. Where you have to work at different locations it is often more convenient and sufficient to carry an organizer with you instead of a notebook.

On this site I will focus more on aspects aside from the standard features and technical specifications. You will find more detailed and precise information
on dedicated manufacturer sites.

Main Criteria of an electronic organizer

You may store a huge amount of software and data. However, be aware – the more stuff you carry with you, the more organized should it be and the more servicing you have to apply in order to become not overwhelmed and disorganized.

Information that ages or difficultly can be retrieved or cannot be found at all, doesn’t help you. It wastes time. Therefore, carefully decide what to use and what to store and keep. You easily run the danger of gambling with your nice electronic organizer.

It should be your digital personal ASSISTANT – it should serve you not vice versa.

Exchange information with other devices, store backup info on your desktop but do it only if your communication partner has a good grasp of the tools.

Picture documents
Most organizers, even implemented in the most simple handys allow to take pictures for documenting, if that should be of importance in your job.

Much time sometimes can be saved by reading important documents and even ebooks offline during waiting time at the airport or railway station or else.

Most PDAs allow to use an Acrobat reader to install, you may store word or html documents and fill normally dead times with important reading or studying tasks. Windows Mobile 6.x serves well enough for practical use.

No further comment, that's state of the art. I have heard about some people, finding their destinations still without a navi.

Email, web
Email at advanced smart phones or web access same as above. (Except comment about destination …)

Danger by Cellular Phone Radiation
What should be considered, if you are health-conscious? In case of using a smart phone look at the SAR-Value (Specific Absorption Rate)

Although it seems, that nobody really wants to know, what these values really mean, I try to keep my phone calls by handy as short as possible – one aspect to save time – and use a hands free kit or function to avoid placing the antenna to near of my brain.

I don’t want to get a pulpy nob ;-)You will find more on this issue at: http://www.sarvalues.com/index.html

Data security, hacking
As a matter of course use a password to protect your electronic organizer. Furthermore, check the security features and warnings of your electronic organizer if you keep sensible data in it.

The large memory possibilities allow to store more than you normally would (and could) carry with you.Sufficient backups at different locations reduce the risk of disturbed information - and need time!

Data loss issues
If you lose your PDA you will lose probably much more data, than you could carry as paper at once. The loss of a calendar scheduler is much less loss. Therefore, keep an eye on your tool.

Apart from the $ loss, the information, if regularly synchronized, is still available at your desktop or on the web. What still remains is the sensibility of your data and possible misuse by the finder.

Furthermore, consider your accountability for information bound to customers, partners, suppliers or competition.Features that may distract you from workThe only advice – look, what you really demand from your PDA, use it and forget all other features.

Otherwise you will start looking TV, surfing inanely the Internet or even worse - start playing installed games – immediately uninstall!!! If you honestly want to be and remain successful in your job.

Data capture
Using a cradle, wire connection, Infrared link bluetooth, another means and a sync software, you may fill your electronic organizer with data.

However, what's about instant data you have to squeeze into your PDA without the need for unpacking and possibly booting a notebook?

Nearly all PDAs provide a keyboard solution.

Some possess handwriting recognition.

Since I had the chance to learn to write some years ago, I prefer handwriting recognition much. I know, I am still able to learn and train typing on a cell phone but it is superfluous to be a profi in using a mini keyboard, as long as I am able to use my readily available handwriting.

Side note: The little moral of the story is: Learn as much as you can, but be careful first to learn what you need.

Therefore, there are not so many phones, I can use but enough. (MDA series O2, Samsung Omnia, HTC HD, Toshiba TG01, all with Windows mobile).I am still working with an old MDA I for jotting down appointments, notes and some tasks.

I know I adjured at another place in this website to use only ONE place to collect tasks. However, I too told you not to be rules bound too much.

By the way, this is my way of managing time, and I am able to watch two or even more locations of tasks perfectly without missing any task. You certainly too will soon.

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