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Effects of stress you never should experience

Job stress - Sources of stress - Workplace stress - Symptoms of stress - Effects of stress - Coping with stress

Furthermore, clear stress effects are

  • less power,
  • higher failure rate,
  • illnesses, burn out,
  • disputes with the boss,
  • losing the job,
  • health threats,
  • depression
  • and many direct and indirect effects.

See also symptoms of stress, which are precursory effects.

Dramatic fact is, that stress increases like an avalanche – stress causes more stressors. If you cannot cope with this burden you probably will get sick.

Therefore, it is good advice to watch yourself carefully and ask for professional help (medicine, psychotherapist, supervisor). You can decide to think about your time habits and try to correct them with small steps.

Be careful not to cure the symptoms with pills or alcohol and drugs - you only will accelerate the manifestation of stress - but that´s not new.

Even stress is no sudden thing but grows or develops with time. Therefore, at every moment it is possible, if already not involved to much, to use time to take a way back from stress.Again you see a connection to time.

However, be aware – these are only nice words, they may give you a positive impact, but most of the time it is step by step work to stop this avalanche and this is difficult without proper external help.

Concerning work related stress – every missed goal within your job or business, pushes you into troubles – again: time is involved – goals or parts thereof have to be accomplished within a certain time frame.

Failing to clever arrange these parts is best accomplished by not using a certain time management solution.

Helpful Continuative Information

Please see also the special page about health issues of stress and a surprising answer to the question "how does stress affect health?"

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