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Definition of time

Definition of time management - Definition of time - Definition of management - Time management errors

The best time definition I ever read:

“Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”

John Archibald Wheeler

The main consequence in these discussions is, that time makes, that things have to be accomplished one after the other, so there is to observe a sequence of actions.

Another means of defining time ...

To a certain extent multitasking is possible, but even if you are a multitasking talent, sequencing and interlacing of micro actions remains in life (except you are like Napoleon Bonaparte).

From that cognition – sequence of actions, results the necessity of prioritizing and scheduling. If you can afford more time, you may also investigate how much time the single actions last.

In this way you can estimate future time need for certain projects, but you finally will all to often discover that:

“1st it happens else as 2nd you think.”

Another shocking fact: you never know, what will happen within the next second – so prioritizing gets an additional dimension.

Adopting that fact is the foundation of dynamic time management and relativizes the importance of elaborated priority setting.

I don’t want to add more wisdom than is already written, please look at Wikipedia or any scientific or spiritual source too.

Helpful continuative information

Do one thing now
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