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Definition of time management bite sized

Definition of time management - Definition of time - Definition of management - Time management errors

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Let´s split definition of time management into definition of time and definition of management.

However, first a simple truth, even if it is boring: you cannot manage time, but common use of the term justifies this formulation. It is rather managing tasks, work, jobs, missions and duties than “doing” (managing) something with time – time does all with us.

Definition from the view of the result:

Why should you use time management? What is time management? All you want are possibly the good feeling at the end of your working day, and that you have mastered the most relevant tasks, those tasks, YOU defined as most relevant. Answering the above question reveals the importance of time management for you.

That doesn’t mean, that you always can do what you want, but you will acknowledge very fast, what's important to do in your working environment?

More realistic would be the term Work Management. However, its meaning is occupied by other areas.

To define time management as an economical way to perform tasks it needs some premises.

Before showing aspects of advanced time management to fully discern between time management issues and other stuff and sketching a time management solution, there have to be cleared frequent confusions and misunderstandings first about time management, see time management errors.

Having done these initial considerations we can draw a possible overview and structure or a usable time management system as a global definition.

Please, always keep in mind: Don’t take this information to be strict, there are no absolute rules and laws to follow blindly, it is all recommendations, and you will make your own experience how far you can diverge from since you miss expected results.

Nowbody can dictate you your way of managing time, but compact information on this site and many others can help you to find your way.

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