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Definition of management

Definition of time management - Definition of time - Definition of management - Time management errors

I don’t dare to really give a thorough definition of management. Tons of paper have been written on this issue.

I will restrict myself to the Latin root, some personal considerations from my own working experience and the relevance for a usable definition of time management. Again the web supplies enough further stuff on management too.

Management has the same root as e.g. “Manege” in the circus. The “Circus” maybe is a brilliant picture for both in good fun and real chaotic business life? Nevertheless, the root is the Latin “manu agere” - to “guide by hand”.

Actors in the manege guide horses by hand (that’s the original meaning). Entrepreneurs guide their company and workers, workers guide their tasks and todos. All have TO DO something – that is managing in principle.

1) Managing needs an object – a WHAT (task, Todo) - to DO when, how, where and why, with whom within a certain time frame.

2) Therefore, it is an issue of performing actions (to DOs) in time (e.g. in the german language verbs are denominated as “doing words” or as “time words”).

Actions need time and you may “manage” time to some extent by doing actions in a specific way and order. (As the horse example implies, some minimal knowledge is required, it is no good idea to guide a horse without some know how, even if you don’t know its behavior).

Since the possibilities of exposure to managing are as numerous as people involved in, I guess nobody will find THE ultimate way of managing time or better managing his/her workload, that consumes time. (see dynamic personal prioritizing ).

Putting both together, time and management, sketches a practical definition of time management and allows to clearly discern time management from many other issues, that don’t have to do much with managing time.


Time demands a sequence of actions.

Performing actions in a savvy manner I will call management.

Time management is dealing with actions in a very specific manner and sequence. New? Defintely not.

New maybe is to avoid wide spread time management errors and misunderstandings.

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