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Coping with stress by managing time

Coping with stress - Job stress - Sources of stress - Workplace stress - Symptoms of stress - Effects of stress

Different forms of stress require different methods of coping with stress.

Work related stress for instance may have the form of

  • stress by mobbing,
  • stress by excessive or too low demands in the job and
  • stress directly caused by time requirements you cannot satisfy, or only think you cannot satisfy.

Excessive demands in the job are often based on a lack of available time to perform the workload, what could be cured by better usage of available time?

Finding a way to gather short time chunks for yourself may help wonders at coping with stress. Enough time to sit back and have an overview over the current situation and what to do next can break this circle.

Frequently, it even seems impossible to steal some time – but that´s not true.

People “sometimes” have to go to the bathroom. Why not with pencil and paper to sketch a little plan for the very next steps at a place, where hopefully nobody will be disturbed (that’s not a matter of course in far east)?

That’s not a new stress management in the workplace or “management by lavatory” and cannot solve severe stress or even stress caused health problems.

Taking such a time not only helps you, but the whole situation. It can´t be the wish of a boss or entrepreneur to have confused workers unable to perform their tasks well.If yes you have to find strategies to fight bossing.

Ironically time management itself can serve as stressor if your power of control over utilization of time is not properly tuned.

The discrepancy between time management and its applicability in your special situation is a stressor. Also the frustration, when a well marketed system doesn’t hold what it promises.

Taking even a short span of time to over think the own situation and start to define the very next micro step is a small beginning of turning back to less stress.

Such steps could be to talk to a good friend, your physician, a priest or other people you trust. I met many clients, who missed that first chance and got their time in the intensive care unit.

Eliminate stress forever instead of just coping with stress

Stress is a trusty companion of misuse of time in business.What, if you find a method, that inherently avoids any stress at all? Would you adopt it? Stop! It´s not easy, however, simple.

The psycho – logic behind a crazy thinking model:The common view of point, when facing troubles causing stress is: there is something out there, that approaches me, that hurts me, that has an actor outside me attacking me and that is guilty. Fighting and coping with stress in the outside seems to be the only way out.

Some people who are developed and reflected to some degree, will agree, that many problems have been caused by themselves. They are able to trace back to a conscious origin.

Psychologic findings, however, report, that there are causes deep in our subconscious mind, we are not easily able to access and correct. Such buried causes create severe problems, and we do not know why, what and when they appear.

Although it seems totally clear, that the direction of problematic situations is from our surrounding towards inside oneself, try to reverse the direction in your thinking just as an experiment.

Think of the possibility, that ALL you experience in the outside is caused by any instance coming out of you, without any exception.

The instance I mentioned above, are memories from our subconscious mind replaying in our consciousness. Thus something from within ourselves shows in the outer world, where it visible and tangible. The outside is the mirror or screen, where our unsolved problems from the past are reflected. So we become able to experience it and our means for coping with stress caused by this problem appear under a new light.

If you believe it or not, such thinking changes our lives.

The idea is, I am not feeling pain, because something hurts me, but my replaying memories enable my pain to be consciously graspable, by the means of something that seems to be outside of me. You feel being hurt by the outer world as long and as often as you cannot accept, that it is your replaying memories, causing this.

One essential step now is, to take 100% responsibility for whatever happens to you. Not to repress it, but to step up to it, to be ready to love it. Coping with stress under this point of view becomes unnecessary. You cannot fight your own stress visible in a mirror. Fight against yourself in your mirror image and you will experience, how ridiculous it is.

Of course you may say, that’s statements, hypothesis, unproved nonsense or whatever you may call it. Fact is, even without believing these ideas there remain problems and causes of problems we don’t have any explanation for.

No logical facts and what we normally call reality, can solve that sufficiently. Many people find bloodcurdling explanations for things that cannot be explained. However, they fit into our narrow points of view.

I am not the inventor of this idea. Many people in the whole world already know it, read and practiced a lot about it and do it.

The issue naturally is much more than I can write about here. You find more information and resources below.

However, back to coping with stress. What is the moral of the above now?

Taking 100% responsibility for whatever happens to you in business or in your job, for example, and using corrective means on these uncomfortable events minimizes to stress tremendously. You begin to stop producing adrenalin or whatever toxic juices within your body, by using this thinking and method.

Details of this method had been published by Mabel Katz in her book “The Easiest Way”. She has been working together with Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, the keeper of an ancient Hawaiian art for many years. She has a deep insight in the background out of countless seminars teaching the method.

It is a wonderful book, carrying a lot of compact wisdom within a time saving size.

The bestseller “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale, a contributor to “The Secret” DVD describes the method from a sensation seeking mindset, in my opinion. However, it also gives an interesting overview by a lot of interviews with Dr. Hew Len.

I hope I could intrigue you positively, and maybe these words are a trigger to improve your whole life.

Eliminate stress by being responsible!

Helpful Continuative Information on Coping with Stress

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You need not go all alone. If you severely suffer from stress you could book a personal coach and look if there are stress producing habits or other causes. Maybe your stress level lowers remarkably without any further time management tips and tricks, just by perceiving a bad habit.

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