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Business time management
start with time saving foundation

Business time management - Small business ideas - How to start small business - Starting your own business - Small business plan

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Business time management on closer examination, is the main objective of this website, although the principles can equally be applied to all areas of life, where you are forced to deal with time carefully and economically – that means where time is money.

As business implies, some focus on business timing and methods of developing business ideas are given in this set of pages, presenting one proved method, you maybe never heard of: It may help to avoid time wasting detours.

The EKS ® Strategy, (go to International navbar), in the following short EKS, ensures your time is invested best, if you look for a precise start and long term business stability.

Concerning the main objective – business time management, it seems advisable to focus on those business income opportunities, that themselves consume least time to reach lasting success instead of tedious methods, that waste much more time.

Time management as bottleneck

Another aspect of making this sidestep from time management to time management in business is the possible bottleneck character of the way you deal with time in your business or career development. Removing the strait by choosing the right tools and concepts possibly can be the breakthrough for your business ideas or career.

Why do you use time management? You want to be more efficient in your work in order to reach a goal or something else faster, straight and efficient. You normally choose the most appropriate tools and methods when stepping towards your goal.

To establish a successful business, you have to prepare the foundation for your prospects (target group) to be willing to buy from you and that needs time, much time to get known among your target group. Time you must not extend by the wasted time.

That much time should be used wisely, as in any other project or working environment, so time management in many cases is really time management for business.

Decision and first step

The time management concepts described in this website come to work even here without any modification. You possibly will try to apply the EKS Strategy (also see next pages).

So the big steps (task-groups) are given by the 7 Phases guided by the 4 Principles around you will group the daily tasks to reach your goal.

That´s it, business time management, in principle, is no other time management. Business timing starts with your decision to apply a convincing strategy, to draw a path you are willing to follow and where the bottlenecks are the bricks of your goal building and your prosperous business.

Beginning with Phase 1 of the EKS in any case will support your work and enrich your life regardless of applying the strategy in whole or not.

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